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Chewing Gum, Sculptures and the World

Chewing gum as we know it today is an antiquated form that harkens back to the caveman era. The chewing gum industry hasn’t changed much since machine shaped and wrapped bubble gum was first introduced in 1906. Since then consumers have been confined to choosing between stick, ball or square forms of gum, reminiscent of Henry Ford and his black Model T’s.

Yet the sculptor Maurizio Savini shows us that the malleable nature of gum does not have to be subjected to the common square form of yester-year when it has the ability to live on as an expressive art form.

Aside from functional benefits like taste, size and quantity, is it possible to invoke emotion into a product that has historically lacked it? Can the character of gum be fundamentally shifted?  Can Wrigley or Cadbury share an opinion of the world through gum?

Image buying a pack of gum that has a visual grammar that people can read, taste and touch. Maybe the evolution of gum is not in package design but in the shape itself. There seems to be an opportunity to develop a new brand of gum with a conscious. A brand of gum that speaks about and to the world through design.

I wouldn’t mind buying a pack of gum that contained a condensed form of Savini’s sculptures. The impact of the brand might be to bring smiles to people or cause them to think about the world in a new way.

Yes even something as mundane as a gum brand has the potential to influence and maybe even change the world.


2 comments on “Chewing Gum, Sculptures and the World

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  2. tips4cleaning
    July 25, 2008

    Is that really gum? It’s pretty amazing what he can create with it. Must take a lot of chewing.

    And it’s going to make a helluva mess when it gets trodden into the floor.

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